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Guided visits to the CIAR and the cave paintings in Prades Mountains 06/08/2015 Have you ever seen rock paintings close up? This activity starts with a guided visit to the Rock Art Visitor Centre (CIAR)... Family Activities, Guided visits, Montblanc
L’Espluga Cave Museum 06/08/2015 The caves arouse a lot of curiosity and have a special attraction for children. Walking through the L’Espluga Caves is an... Family Activities, Guided visits, Museums, l'Espluga de Francolí
Visit to the Garber Nature Park 06/08/2015 The Garber is a place for environmental and outdoor education where, whilst walking around, we discover the most common... Family Activities, Guided visits, l'Espluga de Francolí
Wine & Truffle Tour 04/08/2015 You'll enjoy some hours walking through typical woods, picking truffles along with a special guide, also an expert, but... Guided visits, visites als celler, Vilanova de Prades

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