Moulins de la Vile, Montblanc

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Monographie du MCCB

Monographic section incorporated in the Museu Comarcal in 1994.

Located around the two medieval hydraulic flour mills located near Montblanc, between the rivers Anguera and Francolí. It opened to the public in 1994.

The Molí de la Volta (14th century) is one of the largest in Catalonia with four moles. You can also see the explanation of the evolution of flour mills from prehistory to the present.



Les visites doivent être organisées à l'avance au siège central.

Données du musée:

Ctra de Montblanc a Prenafeta, s/n - 43400 Montblanc | Tél. 977 86 03 49 | 



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