Balneari de Vallfogona H*** (SPA) HT-000021

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Ctra. del Balneari, s/n  .  43427 Vallfogona de Riucorb  .  Tel. 977 88 00 25  .  .

The Balneari de Vallfogona (spa) was founded in 1901 to take advantage of the mineral-medicinal waters that have been in this area since the XIX century and that were declared for public use in 1903. The spa has modern facilities and application techniques, the thermal pool with different types of baths, hydro-massage, pressure showers, respiratory, sauna, vaporising,..and techniques like press therapy, mud, paraffin and massages. It has a restaurant, a social lounge for banquets and conventions and a, with different leisure areas around the building.


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