Typical products

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When we make a trip or discover a new place, we like to take a souvenir home or take the opportunity to buy some gifts. We usually look for objects or products that are representative of the region and its culture, which are unique.

The typical products of the Conca de Barbera we can find are: carquinyolis of Espluga de Francoli (the Catalan biscotti),  the merlets o montblanquins of Montblanc, chestnuts of Vilanova de Prades, the Albió cheese, garlic of Belltall, walnuts and truffle of Vimbodí, marmelade of Guialmons (Les Piles), the Vilaverd honey, the orelletes Solivella, the romesco de Santa Coloma, cakes of onion or of provision, sausages, wines and cavas DO Conca de Barbera ... and many other products typical can be found at several establishments.

In the Conca de Barberà a great diversity of quality foods is produced and elaborated that are collected in the Local Food Directory.

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