Itinerary through the yew and kermes oak wood - CLOSED!

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 Part of this itinerary was destroyed due to the flood of the Francolí river in October 2019

From: Font de la Teula to Tossal de la Baltasana

Distance: 12,160 km.

Route type: circular.

Level of difficulty: medium.

Ascent: 575 m ascent and descent.

Signposted itinerary with the number 3.

Route of botanical interest through the Poblet Nature Park and the Prades mountains along which we can observe the only kermes oak community to be found in the whole of Catalonia, the large yew community in the Titllar gully, the ancient Scotch pine woods and the old plantations on the Pagès plains. We also climb to the summit of Tossal de la Baltasana, the ceiling of the Prades mountains and a splendid balcony over the area and a large part of Catalonia. On clear days it is not unusual to see the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, from the Pica d'Estats to Monte Perdido, including Aneto.