Located in the Corb valley

Lovers of the mountains and forests can go on an excursion on foot or by bike through the Corb valley.

Distance: 9,520 km. Route type: circular. Level of difficulty: moderada. Ascent: 133 m ascent and descent. Signposted itinerary: y es. This itinerary proposes a visit to the past to the remains of the ancient settlement Torlanda walk in a wooded areas and farm crop field.. Trail Guide (Catalan ...
Signposted itineraries (in Catalan): Ruta lila: Conesa- Molí - Mas del Muntanyès- Font de la Canaleta- Conesa Ruta marró: Conesa-Pla de Maria- Saladern- Mas del Muntanyès- Conesa Ruta taronja: Conesa- Sant Pere de Sabella- Pla de Maria - Conesa Ruta verda: Conesa- Tossal Cap de Terme o muntanya Les ...
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