The shady slopes of the River Corb

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A small, unique place geographically located in the Comalats, between the counties of  La Segarra and the Conca de Barberà. It forms part of the reliefs that close off the lower plain of the western Central Depression. We would highlight the good conservation conditions of the residual red soils, typical in La Segarra plateaus.

The interest in the shady River Corb lies in its oak woods, pinewoods with Aleppo pines and calcicolousscrublands with rosemary and heather. The damp, shady places are home to some small leaf oaks amongst the dominant pine needles and Scots pine trees. It is an extreme place where the oak is more extensive and form important communities, accompanied by other sub-Mediterranean plants that are very rare in this territory.

The presence of Euro-Siberian plants within an eminently dry and continental land is a significant botanical singularity in itself. On the outer areas, in the clearings of the oak woods, we can frequently find daffodil meadows and the calcicolous scrubland with twisted thymelaea. 


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