The Way of Saint James from Tarragona to Lleida

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The Way of Saint James, a route that was originally of a religious nature that links various points in Europe to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of Saint James the Apostle are worshipped. One of the branches of the way, which attracts both believers and non-believers drawn by the history and beauty of the route, begins in Tarragona. The stretch that links this city to Lleida has recently been devised and signposted as part of the commitment to reinstate the branches of this pilgrimage while fostering tourism in the inland counties of Catalonia.

It is based on the historic route that pilgrims leaving from Tarragona would have taken to follow the Way of Saint James, making the most of the Roman road linking the city to Lleida, where this branch merged with the one coming from the medieval Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes in the county of Empordà. At a little over 150km long, the Way of Saint James that links Tarragona to Lleida is suitable for walkers, cyclists and horseriders. The itinerary was devised to ensure that anyone following the route will come across villages, towns or facilities every 10km to make it less strenuous. Walkers go through the villages and towns of El Catllar, Renau, Vilabella, Bràfim, Vila-rodona, Aiguamúrcia and Santes Creus, El Pla de Santa Maria, Cabra del Camp, Barberà de la Conca, Montblanc, L’Espluga de Francolí, Senan and Vimbodí. This route was devised to be done in five or six stages if the final destination is Lleida, the longest of which – some 33km – goes from the Cathedral of Tarragona to the Monastery of Santes Creus. In fact, the route coincides with the main monasteries that can be found on theGR®175 The Cistercian Route, such as Santes Creus, Poblet – designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – and, in the territory of Urgell, Vallbona de les Monges.

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