Live Glassblowing demonstrations

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The Vimbodí-Poblet Museum and Glass Furnace is the only Museum with a working glass furnace where children can watch how the molten glass is transformed at some 1.000ºC into a piece of solid glass like a rose or a jar, in the hands of a master glassmaker. The entrance includes a visit to the Museum where there is a collection of old glass pieces and some very curious ones like a flytrap, a puppy, a fish,...


Tuesday and Wednesday,  10:00 h - 13:30 h.

Thurday and Friday, 10:00 h - 13:30 h |  16:00 h - 18:30 h.

Saturdays, 10:00 h - 14: 00 h |  de 16:00 h - 19:00 h.

Sundays and bank holidays, 10:00 h - 14:00 h. 

Mondays (including bank holidays): closed.

Usually, demonstrations are in the morning during the weekend and holidays, other days with prior booking. The last live demonstration is one hour before closing.

Information and booking:

Vimbodí-Poblet Museum and Glass Furnace  | C. de Joan Griñó, 11 | 43430 Vimbodí (Vimbodí i Poblet)  | Tel. 977 87 83 25 | |