Casa-Museu d’Art Palau Ferré [CLOSED]

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The house where the well-known Montblanc artist, Maties Palau iFerré (1921-2000) lived, one of Picasso’s followers, where we can see a display of his works, both pictorial and sculptural, which allows us to appreciate the different styles and techniques used throughout his artistic life.

The building was constructed during the Middle Ages and, throughout the centuries, has gone through many transformations. The ground floor still has the original arches and stone walls that, for at least six hundred years, have held the building’s structure up. Palau Ferré was very happy with the house, both for the building itself and for being the family’s manor house for generation after generation. The Museum consists of the ground floor and the basement and it has become the cultural and artistic centre to enjoy the works Maties Palau Ferré, admire it and reflect upon it.

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