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Casa-Museu d’Art Palau Ferré [CLOSED] 21/08/2018 The house where the well-known Montblanc artist, Maties Palau iFerré (1921-2000) lived, one of Picasso’s followers, where we... Museum, Palau Ferré House-Museum of Art, Montblanc
Castle of Barberà de la Conca 24/09/2018 TEMPORARILY CLOSEDSurely you have heard different versions passionate about the disgrace of the Templars and the reasons why... Museum, art, culture, Barberà de la Conca
Château de Barberà de la Conca 24/09/2018 PROVISOIREMENT FERMÉVous avez sûrement entendu des versions différentes et passionnées de la chute de la grâce des Templiers... Museum, art, culture, Barberà de la Conca
Frederic Marès Art Museum 28/09/2018 The Conca de Barberà Regional Museum monographCollection of paintings and sculptures with a religious theme( XIV-XIX century... Museum, Museu d’Art Frederic Marès, Museu Comarcal de la Conca de Barberà, Montblanc
L’Espluga Caves 29/07/2015 Prehistory and geological museum installed inside one of the longest caves in the world formed with conglomerate rocks, with... Museum, l'Espluga Caves, l'Espluga de Francolí
Manger Museum of Catalonia 26/09/2018 The Museum of the Nativity of Catalonia is an international projection of equipment, magical and full of enthusiasm in which... Museum, Montblanc
Museum of Wine and Vineyard of Prenafeta 26/09/2018 This is a private collection of tools, presses and machinery for the production of wine from the XVI century until... Museum, Museum of Vine and Vineyard, Montblanc
El Racó del Càntir de Solivella 02/08/2016 Private collection of more than 1,200 Pitchers.Times: Pre-arranged visits. tel.: +34 977 89 22 70 (call from 13h to 15h).... Museum
Regional Museum of the Conca De Barbera [CLOSED FOR REFORMS] 28/09/2018 [CLOSED FOR REFORMS]History, art and ethnographyThe Regional Museum is located in the Josamediaeval palace and it is made up... Museum, Museu Comarcal de la Conca de Barberà, Montblanc
Rock Art Visitor Centre 28/09/2018 Declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1998.This is a place to discover and understand the rock paintings in the Prades... Museum, Centre d'Interpretació d'Art Rupestre Muntanyes de Prades, Museu Comarcal de la Conca de Barberà, Montblanc
Wine Museum and modernist cellar [CLOSED] 21/09/2018 Museum of the history, cultivation and production of wine, located in the old presses of the modernist cellar. Work of the... Museum, Museu del Vi i celler modernista de l'Espluga, l'Espluga de Francolí

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